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BETA. Not advised to purchase at this stage.

Download trust wallet or metamask wallet in app store.

In top right of application 3 small bars. Click these it will show a search bar. Use this search bar to add the code:

Address you need to add is:  0x260E2bDd4192ab7212b19F060D73f7b51Ca1A7f8

Cannabis support tokens CSC will appear and show a button to the right, click this, now CSC token options show in your wallet.

Navigate to your cannabis support coin wallet page and click the button showing receive.

Copy the code address you are given and send to the message box below.

WHITEPAPER (Unpublished).
UKCSL – UK Cannabis Support Line ­­
CSC COIN – BEP20 / Binance Chain / Pancakeswap

Contract: 0x260e2bdd4192ab7212b19f060d73f7b51ca1a7f8

A Tokenomics trading system developed as a blockchain gateway for goods and services in the UK Cannabis industry.

CSC Token is a community backed deflationary token, enabling members the use of a stake and claim payment platform. A crypto trading solution for social clubs and cannabinoid retailers, enabling legally operating Cannabis companies decentralised trading options with incentive.

No Pre-sale. 42% burned prior to launch. Community funded liquidity pool and LP tokens locked. The remaining 8% is used for marketing and development.

A built in 8.4% transaction fee, 4.2% Burned and 4.2% redistributed to holders. A total supply consistently lowered and every token holder rewarded. Listed on multiple trusted and easy to use exchanges.

42 proof of stake liquidity providers with a proof of commitment and visible use case. CSC member and caregiver pre-launch airdrops locked until April 20th, 2022.

Total supply 100 000 000.

Purchase, trade and utilise CSC tokens using Binance smart chain and a private trust wallet. The process has been made user friendly so only you can access your coins.

Marketing and development enables us to invest in security, whilst developing a user friendly interface using recognised coin exchanges.

On entry you are required to trade points for cash. With CSC there is no need, your tokens are ready loaded and available to spend. Our marketing and development fund enables networking with recognised partners. This allows you to spend tokens on discounted access with incentivised memberships. You can literally trade CSC tokens in seconds.

Ability to trade and utilise services within the industry.

Supporting caregivers and compassion clubs.

Holder loyalty

Redistribution rewards for every token holder.

⦁ Website development
⦁ BSC and Testnet deployment
⦁ LP and 42% of Tokens burned
⦁ Create Pancakeswap liquidity
⦁ Stakeholders and Membership announced
⦁ Contract ownership details made public ⦁ Whitepaper review
⦁ Social media marketing
⦁ Deploy development team
⦁ Full audit on Code
⦁ Platform listings coin gecko, cmc

Every 42 days we look back at our roadmap, ensure we are on track and adapt where required. As marketing and development grows so will the ability for token holders to utilise CSC coins.

Join our online community. Holding CSC tokens really can help others.

Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Zoom, Google+, Pancakeswap, Bnb Smart Chain, Metamask

THE UNIT CSC – 03189,
Torrevieja Spain
www.ukcsl.co.uk – support@ukcsl.co.uk
Copyright UKCSL 2019 – Reclaim the flower.. csc poster what achieving

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